Magis...Searching for "the More."
“Not much happens without a dream. And for something great to happen, there must be a great dream.”
- Robert Greenleaf


(Magis: Latin for "more")

Magis Ventures, Inc. is a unique consulting organization serving leaders and organizations striving for success that is...

  • More than can be measured by a single bottom line.
  • More aligned with deeply held values.
  • More connected to a greater good.
  • More meaningful and fulfilling work.

At Magis, we believe that business is an important calling.

Magis exists to help organizations and leaders see, choose and bring the "more" to life in their organizations.

Message from the President:

Organizations have the capacity to shape our world. We have seen many examples in the recent years of ethics and values gone awry. Magis is founded on the conviction that organizations have a capacity to shape the world for the greater good. When leaders and organizations understand and own their power to make a positive impact on the world through all their constituents; employees, customers, suppliers and their communities, they become infused with a purpose greater than simply financial success. We believe that business leadership can be a noble calling. Our vision is to help people and organizations grow to their fullest potential. Contact me today to explore how I can help you align your values with actions to strengthen the success of your organization.


Diane Nettifee, President Magis Ventures